Deep Information Maximization Engine

Super resolution technology that creates sharper datasets

Bias and Assumption free deep learning based simultaneous seismic and property modelling with multiband information injection for optimizing accuracy.

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Creating sharper datasets.

Legacy Seismic


Storm volume


Industry standard Inversion


Strike volume


Super resolution seismic volume Storm (left) & accompanying inversion volume Strike (right) reveal stratigraphic details & intricate depositional geometry previously unseen on legacy data.

As the subsurface comes alive

DIME super resolution in action

DIME utilizing well properties to increase information in 3D volumes that create super-resolution datasets revealing thin beds and finer stratigraphic details

Come talk to us to learn how DIME can elevate your data to a new level.

Reveal the true information value of your existing data in super-resolution.

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Our Deep Learning Platform

Conventional workflows are known to be constrained by multiple geophysical assumptions that render the results susceptible to human biases. Furthermore, adopting modern AI algorithms also comes with its own set of multi-faceted challenges than a simple game play would let on.

Generous amounts of time & effort go into the process of evolving seismic data into actionable intelligence and elevating the narrative around understanding the subsurface.

Here's where Rezlytix emerges as a true game-changer.

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Smart data IO, automation,
in-built hyperparameter tuning


Assumption free, geology honored, robust algorithms


Cloud scale provider-agnostic deployments


Customized solutions & rapid prototyping

Are you extracting every ounce of information
from your data?

Reveal the true information value of your existing data in super-resolution.

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